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How To Delete or Deactivate Facebook Account 2020

How To Delete or Deactivate Facebook Account
How To Delete or Deactivate Facebook Account 2020

How to Delete or Deactivate Facebook Account From Pc or Mobile 2020

Here we will explain the easiest way to delete the account without the need for many different steps only through the link to permanently delete the Facebook account and cannot be recovered.

All you have to do is write the random letters and numbers in addition to the password to confirm the deletion process, and you should not cancel the deletion of the account in case you log into your account again within 30 days from the date of deletion.

Delete Facebook Account Link

  • Open the link to delete the Facebook account
  • delete facebook account link
  • You can delete facebook without Messenger.
  • You can download your photos and posts.
  • You can transfer apps to another account.

How to delete or deactivate facebook account 2020

Before permanently deleting your Facebook account, review the previous information, as you will not be able to recover your photos after the deletion process has been completed, then in the end click on the “Delete Account” option below.

Here to confirm the deletion, you must enter the password (1) of the account that will be deleted in addition to writing random letters and numbers that appear to you (2) It is a step to confirm your ownership of the account so that no one else can delete your account unless they have the password.

How to delete or deactivate facebook account 2020

You will see an alert that explains the consequence of the process of deleting the account from the inability to access your files and publications again during the specified time limit which is 30 days, it is worth mentioning here that this time limit was only 14 days in the past so make sure to review the alert well before pressing "delete Account "

How to delete or deactivate facebook account 2020

How to delete a Facebook account permanently and cannot be recovered

By the appearance of the previous message, it means completely deleting the account only with the passage of 30 days, all data will be deleted, and you can cancel the deletion during this period only by re-logging into the account again.

Consequently, everything you need to get rid of the account permanently and can not be retrieved following the previous steps, then you never log into your account within a month from the date of requesting the deletion.

You can use the delete link through the browser on the computer, over the phone or tablet, which is a very fast and practical way and you do not need any additional steps. Open the link in the browser after making sure you are logged in to the account you want to delete.

Delete Facebook Account Temporarily

It is worth mentioning here that that Facebook provides the ability to only disable the account for a specific time without removing the Facebook account completely. You can do this step through the following steps :

  • Open your account from the browser
  • From settings
  • Then your information on Facebook
  • Then deactivation and deletion
  • Select deactivate the account or permanently delete the account

Notice the previous steps save you a lot, just stop the account, and your account will never appear to anyone. If you need it later, you can easily reactivate the account work again without creating a new account from scratch.

You may be referring to these steps and you do not need to get rid of the account completely. Think about that.

How to delete a Facebook account from mobile

During the recent period, Facebook has provided an option “in the Facebook application for smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS. Thus, if you want to delete your account from the mobile, it will be very easy and does not require the link to delete the account.

Delete your account from Android

How to delete or deactivate facebook account 2020

  • Open the Facebook application on the phone and click on the menu
  • Click on Settings and Privacy, then Settings
  • Scroll down and tap the "Account ownership and control" option.
  • Click on the option "Deactivation and deletion"
  • Select the "Delete account" option, then click Continue with deletion
  • Scroll down and tap Delete account
  • Enter your account password to confirm the deletion

Download your information

Also open your account from the browser and then from the account settings and then from the side menu there is a choice under the name of your information on Facebook and then from the sub options choose to download your information

Here, wait a while and see all the data that you can download and keep, you may discover that there is valuable information and posts such as important libraries that you use or links you have been returning to from time to time.

With you all the publications, then photos, videos, and stories, record payment operations to other information that you may need later, note that you cannot retrieve any of this data after the deletion is complete.

For example, the record of payment transactions, if Facebook uses to pay for some services or subscriptions, you may later need any of the payment confirmation information.

Thus, here only we try to provide everything you need so that the process of deleting a Facebook account does not have any problem in the future.

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