The Best Sites To Test The Speed Of The Internet 2020

The Best Sites To Test The Speed Of The Internet 2020
The Best Sites To Test The Speed Of The Internet

Many internet users face the problem of slow internet often, which leads them to search for a way to know the actual internet speed. Fortunately, there are a lot of applications and programs specialized in this matter, not to mention the service internet sites that offer a completely free Internet speed measurement service on your phones and devices, which is directed specifically to those who do not prefer to download and install more third-party programs on their device Or for those who want to see the speed of the internet quickly without many clicks.

In any case, in this guide and as in the title, we'll talk about the top 10 sites for measuring the real internet speed on your computer or phone! Yes, 10 sites offer this service in completely free without any fees. Only, you are required to follow the list below and see the most important details about each site and then choose among the sites that suit you and meet your needs. Let's start now.

List Of The Top 10 Sites To Test Internet Speed 2020

Speedtest Site

Speed​, which is a completely free web service that analyzes and checks the performance of the Internet to check the speed of the real internet. The website was specifically launched in 2006. Generally, by opening the website, you will be shown your Wi-Fi network name and external IP address, and by clicking go the website will immediately scan your network for Ping speed, download speed, and upload speed. This site is also available in the form of an application or software for phones and computers in different different operating systems. Finally, the site is characterized by ease of use and does not require an explanatory explanation of the method of use. Just go to the site link. Then, click go, and immediately you will get a set of details and information about your real internet speed. Site

Another website to test Internet speed comes with a completely clean and ads-free user interface. the advantage of the site is easy to use, once you enter the site, it will automatically perform a quick check of your internet and only shows the speed of downloads in real time. You can check the speed of the internet more than once by clicking on the arrow and it supports a range of languages, including Arabic and English. [Site Link]. Site

The third site is known from other sites for its clean and wonderful interface. When you visit the site, it will immediately check your internet and then verify the real internet speed and inform you about it. Once the site has finished checking the network, it will show you the download speed and upload speed. In addition, it will show you additional information about your Internet connection that is especially useful for more experienced users. [Site Link]. Site

This site is specifically designed for those looking for an easy and fast way to check the internet speed on devices to check the current internet speed. Among the most important things that distinguish this service from other Internet services is the ability to access it from the desktop or from the mobile screen, etc. As for the way to use the site, it is very easy. Just click on “Start SpeedSmart” to start the network scanning process, and upon completion you will get information about download speed, upload speed, and ping speed. The site has a simple, easy-to-use interface and free from annoying ads. [Site Link]. Site

Another service website that helps you check the real internet speed on your computer from a fast internet browser. Unlike other sites, after entering this site, click on the option "Test My lnternet" from above. Then, click on  Test either Upload Speed or Upload Speed etc. Determine what you want to start scanning and get results. The site is really great because it provides more details and information about your internet connection. [Site Link].

Internet Speed Test From Google Search

Do you know that you can test your internet speed faster and more professional with Google search engine? Yes, you can quickly check the internet speed on a device by just entering the search phrase "Internet Speed Test" and the real internet speed will appear with you. Knowing that, Google checks your internet speed in less than 30 seconds. Thus, you will get results in record time, unlike most other sites in the same category. [Site Link].

Centurlylink Site

This site provides a completely free tool that helps you test the internet speed! Yes, with this free tool you can learn about download speed and upload speed. As for the way to use the site, it is very easy and does not require many clicks. Just go to the site link. Then, click on go and quickly, you will get download speed, upload speed, and ping speed. [Site Link].

OpenSpeedTest Site

Another website that is considered one of the best reliable websites to test the internet speed, it is based on HTML5 and shows you the most accurate internet speed for broadband network or WiFi network. Aside from download and upload speed, OpenSpeedTest also displays PING and Jitter results as well. [Site Link].

Telstra Site

Are you looking for a website to measure ADSL internet speed, cable, or mobile phone? If your answer is yes, you can count on Telstra! Yes, this site is your best choice. This website comes with a simple and easy to use interface. The site shows you the download speed, upload speed, and PING speed. [Site Link].

Speakeasy Site

The last site with us in this guide, which works to test the frequency band to verify the download speed and upload speed. This site is used by millions of users and it comes with the HTML5 speed tool and this means that you do not need Flash or Java enabled to run the speed test. Generally, you will get information and results about ping speed, download speed and upload speed with this featured website. [Site Link].